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Tips on how to reduce mistakes

Mistakes happen. Nevertheless, spelling or grammar mistakes are always annoying. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do yourself - in addition to proofreading - to reduce the risk of errors in your texts, letters or correspondence:



Word processing programmes such as Word or Openoffice have a correction function. It is not 100 per cent correct, so it does not completely replace proofreading, but it reliably points out grammatical errors or incorrect capitalisation. Watch out for hyphenation! A classic is the "Blumento horses" - also known as "flowerpot earth".


Look up

If you are not sure about a word, look it up in a dictionary. Also recommended: the site https://editius.com/, which compares old and new spelling and points out "popular" mistakes.


Read aloud

Read your application or letter aloud, sentence by sentence. With this trick, you will notice forgotten words immediately. Even if the sentence stutters when you speak, this is an indication to rephrase it better.



Make sure you are undisturbed. If necessary, turn off the doorbell, telephone and mobile phone to concentrate on proofreading. Then read through your manuscript several times. Focus on different points each time you proofread: sometimes capitalisation, sometimes punctuation or formatting.



It really does make a difference whether you read texts and documents on screen or print them out on paper. The distance, the light source - everything looks new. Effect: You recognise typing errors better when you print out your documents or let https://editius.com/essay-proofreading/ do it for you. Errors such as incorrect page numbering or poor formatting are also more noticeable.



Never write under time pressure. This makes it particularly easy for careless mistakes to creep in. Take your time when proofreading. It is best to leave the application letter overnight. The next day, you will look at the letter from a new perspective and will feel rested.



Do you know your favourite mistakes? Words that you misspell over and over again? You should check these separately. Tip: Make a list with https://editius.com/proofread-my-paper/ of your personal classics and work through them in an extra session.



Read your text backwards. This forces you to go through every single word. Effect: Your brain cannot deduce missing words from the context or automatically replace them. In addition, misspellings are more easily noticed. The disadvantage: this method is only suitable for short texts such as application documents. For a Master's thesis, this form of proofreading would be too strenuous.



Change and alienate the typeface. By choosing - temporarily - a different font, you gain a new perspective on the document. New line breaks appear, duplicate words or nonsensical sections stand out.



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